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Report Delivery

Medical test reports are sensitive data as they include protected healthcare information. Careful controlled delivery of reports can be challenging for medical service providers and laboratories.


Report delivery options requires an understanding of interoperability. Our team works to understand needs and recommend the best report delivery option. 



Although viewed as a relic, in the medical reporting domain faxed report transfer, often using online fax software, still actually expands in use and will continue to be a common type of medical report delivery, but the technology comes with associated interoperability needs.



Where an interface may not be possible, the report consumer (typically a provider) requires a timely report to be present automatically on its infrastructure: on a server or desktop. Our team can deploy software which simulates a traditional interface. 



Email is a viable mode of report transfer but continues to suffer from delivery reliability, spam, and security risks. Although we do not recommend email as the primary means of delivering medical reports, we do offer services to deliver reports by email with technologies that provide more security and reliability.

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