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What we do and how we do it

All of our IT services are developed with the medical facility or laboratory in mind. We’ve carefully selected technologies that provide the greatest impact on development along with the necessary security. Using these technologies consistently for many years, our team now has a deep knowledgebase of processes and a wealth of coding competencies and libraries.


Agillaire currently works with HL7 for interfaces and uses a suite of technology packages for development, including:

  • Java/J2EE

  • Cache/Mumps

  • Ruby + Ruby on Rails

  • .NET:# and VB (limited to enhancing existing applications)


Agillaire provides both standard and custom IT services for the healthcare industry. Services include but are not limited to: online ordering and reporting, reports faxing, hosted and/or custom interface services, data warehousing and management reporting, custom software or patient reports, management consulting and infrastructure.

Online reporting

We use secure compliant access for a quick turnaround of report availability using minimal

required computer hardware and software 


Online ordering

Standard industry ordering, including demographics, insurance information interfaced with the laboratory information system


Report faxing

High quality telecommunication infrastructure used to maximize success of delivery with timely notifications of failures and Web-based management


Interface services

Develop and deploy an interface between medical providers for diagnostic test orders, reporting, and charges to billing service systems

Data warehousing and management reporting

Development and deployment of a data warehousing solution for management reporting and performance monitoring


Custom software

Creation of extensions for laboratory information system or EMR/EHR services to enhance capabilities and fill in missing gaps where existing systems fall short.


Custom patient reports 

Collaborating with our client’s sales or marketing team, we create graphical layout templates driven by available data in the laboratory information system or EMR for custom reports by either HL7 source, custom data source, or direct access to the operations system DB


Management consulting

Evaluating existing systems and workflow, advising on an overhaul plan, fulfilling temporary leadership and management roles as needed



Projects to implement or improve infrastructure: build outs, VMWare deployment and management, cloud support or migrations, datacenter builds, system administration, Docker or Cutting Edge management, onsite support (limited to regions)

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