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Agillaire offers interface services that span the entire life cycle of the interface including development, deployment, testing as well as support and maintenance. Our experienced developers employ a rapid development cycle and we have cooperative relationships with mainstream EMR and LIS vendors. Our interface services are available as hosted with Agillaire or customer hosted.  

Agillaire Hosted Interfaces 
The interface is hosted by Agillaire utilizing our existing infrastructure. Our team develops the interface using our interface engine to meet vendor specifications and we assist with testing and validation as well provide maintenance and support.   

Customer Hosted Interfaces
The interface is hosted on the customer's infrastructure and utilizes the client's interface engine. Our development team has experience with CorePoint, Mirth, Iguana, and other interface engines. Services vary based on need from full life cycle development to select areas where the customer requires. Programming, project management, testing and validation services are available. 


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