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Custom Programming

Agillaire Custom Services

Medical Interface building and maintenance (Customer Hosted): Build and maintain interfaces on customers chosen solutions which includes a variety of popular interface engines that Agillaire has proven expertise in: Mirth, CorePoint, Iguana, and Biztalk. The Agillaire team can take on the full life cycle management and implementation or partial depending on customers staffing, budget, and requirements.

LIS Augmentation

Build and maintain modules to extend laboratory information system functionality to serve specific purposes that are not supported by the current system. Examples include, modern work sheeting systems, specialty testing modules such as histology, flow cytometry, genetics, management oversight extensions, nursing homes integration, complex reporting system for report generation and distribution management, and data warehousing. 

LIS Implementation

Deploy experienced analysts to work under the direction of the customer to assist or take on whole projects of laboratory information system implementation for startups or replacement of existing system.

Data Conversion 

Assist in the process of data migration between various applications by working with vendors and manipulate the data for conversion purpose. Agillaire can also build and host applications that are focused on holding the converted data for operational use.

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