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Our services vary widely and are driven by our customer goals. Each and every one of our customers has helped introduce a line of services to our suite of services or guided customizing services to the customer needs.

Currently available examples of our suite of services are:


  • Custom Web and Desktop Software Development to automate and control various processes in the laboratory, in cooperation with the existing LIS.
  • Custom Web based Software development to connect the lab’s physician customers to view reports and place testing orders.
  • Custom Web based Software to act as an integrated laboratory portal for a network of state hospitals.
  • Subscription based online results and reports access for laboratory’s clients.
  • Design and implementation of custom lab reports, including high quality graphical content.
  • Design and implementation of a sophisticated Laboratory Report Distribution System.
  • Design and implementation of Laboratory interfaces to connect to various institutions for report results, receiving patient demographics and billing information,  and receiving test orders, using HL7 and various proprietary protocols.
  • Design and implementation of real time PMS access software that allows the lab to extract data necessary for billing purposes ahead of test performance.
  • Pathology Laboratory workflow analysis and process design.
  • Graphics and Custom Web design
  • High quality dynamic presentations and marketing driven presentation using Flash technology.
  • Seamlessly extending legacy applications to provide powerful modern GUI front ends or effective functional extension, while preserving the valuable existing functionality in the legacy application (whose replacement is cost-prohibitive)


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